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We love to see what people are saying about us. Here’s a few amazing UNIT unsolicited reviews we’ve come across:

“Unit is one of those rare locations on Queen West that hasn’t been totally taken over by morons. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most people have no idea where it’s located (next door to Gladstone) and I don’t think it’s open during the weekday, so maybe it’s hard to tell what happens in this nice little bar.”

“Service is good. The servers are quick and attentive. The bar is very busy, so you don’t expect the servers to spend time chatting. The bouncer at the door was helpful and friendly. He told us what was going on inside and let us in.”

“Best bar on the strip, hands down. Very intimate. dark. lovely staff. great djs. Industry feel. Hands down, BEST bar on the strip. Ask the bartender to make you a dark ‘n’ stormy.”

“I won’t be surprise that one day someone told me that they find their soul mate while waiting in line to use the washroom at UNIT Bar! Seriously, the patrons here are amazingly friendly… how often you have a bunch of people start making small talks while waiting to use the loo??!”

“I just happened upon it while walking down Queen St. W.”