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Daily Candy traveled to Toronto and paid Unit a visit for a cocktail or two, and recommends Unit as the “neighbourhood’s best-kept secret!”

Here’s the excerpt:

Queen Street West
Filled with skinny-jeaned hipsters and arty intellectual types by day, clubbers and more hipsters by night, Queen Street West is an indie fantasyland. If you’re traveling light, drop your bags at The Gladstone Hotel, an arty, gay-friendly boutique hotel. Rooms run small, and amenities are limited, but the price and location can’t be beat. Up the street is the ritzier Drake Hotel, with just nineteen rooms, a buzzing rooftop bar, and addictive breakfast. Pick up charming housewares and antique curios at Art History; 69 Vintage sells everything from silk handkerchief scarves to killer boots. For drinks, Unit is the neighborhood’s best-kept secret; there’s no sign save for a rusty “Liquor” placard in the window.

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