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1198 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON


This arty west-end Queen Street bar is a great little hide-a-way that is a perfect haven for before and after party cocktails.


Music Genres | Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronica, Funk/Soul

Profile Last Updated: January 21, 2008

Unconventional Bar Front
Unit is a bar that is located in what has become an alternative destination for those who’ve exhausted the routine of the downtown entertainment district. Sandwiched next door to the Gladstone Hotel, Unit’s window façade strays from the norm of regular bar fronts. Instead of lounge-style booths in the window with the obligatory beauties to look at, Unit has an installation of objects purposely stacked to make its own unique formation. The bar objects have ranged from bathtubs, marquee signs, piping and a host of miscellaneous pieces. The owner, whose full time gig is graphic designing, has brought and incorporated his aesthetic and a snapshot of his varied collection to the bar.

More Than Something to Look At
The bar is decorated sparsely relying more on mood and ambience than a barrage of expensive furnishings and cheesy wall visuals. The tables and the chairs come courtesy of a university from the American mid-west. The narrow room has a brick wall along one side, hardwood floors and a bar made of reclaimed wood from an old gym floor. This room can be quite deceiving with its sparse décor, but there’s actually quite a bit to look at. The beer fridge behind the bar looks as if it has already lived more lives than most of the clientele. And the mish-mash of items behind and around the bar seem to fit cohesively together. Also, the décor can change on a weekly or monthly basis.

Carefree and Easy-Going
The whole point of starting Unit in 2006 was to have a low-key hang out – on what’s increasingly becoming a busier strip – for folks to take in a drink or a few before heading off for their main event. The dim lighting only encourages the laid-back vibe that fits perfectly with the stylish creative types sipping on pints and discussing future endeavours. The musical selection is just as eclectic as the patrons. DJs will spin anything from indie rock to underground hip-hop. Just don’t expect a top 40 playlist here anytime soon.