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Unit is one of those rare locations on Queen West that hasn’t been totally taken over by morons. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most people have no idea where it’s located (next door to Gladstone) and I don’t think it’s open during the weekday, so maybe it’s hard to tell what happens in this nice little bar.

The recently renovated a little near the back for DJs. Now they have these wooden benches and have covered up the “exposed kitchen” look in the back, which looked more like a storage unit. The place is pretty tiny so you might have to dip and dive when things get really busy. There are very few places to sit so be prepared to stand.

The owners of Unit are very nice and the staff is always pleasant. There’s no attitude when it comes to this establishment. They also tend to have a great roster of DJs throwing events here so chances are when you show up the music will be great.